We are a consulting company with experts across the Data Management and Archiving markets with years of experience to help with your compliance or data management needs.  We have been working with clients on projects for securely managing data for long-term archiving and regulatory compliance since 2005.

Our senior team can help design and deploy software, hardware, or cloud resources to ensure the most appropriate deployment for your business.

In addition, our team is capable of moving your archive from older software that is no longer supported to new platforms such as Dell EMC PowerProtect, Smarsh, or Mimecast products.  In migrating this content, we are able to ensure the chain of custody and any regulatory reporting required to prove compliance with regulations are provided as part of the migration project.

Please contact us if you are looking to move from EMC EmailXtender, SourceOne, or other legacy archives no longer able to meet your needs.

JP Corriveau
Founder and CEO

Former SourceOne Presales and Delivery Director at EMC 

Mark Block
VP, Program Management Office

Former Senior Project Manager at EMC 

David Atchison

Former Senior Solution Architect at EMC 

Michael Brown

Former Senior Architect at EMC 

Brian Block
Senior Systems Engineer

Former Senior Systems Engineer at Controle

Princess Zelda
Head of Security

Princess Zelda is my constant guardian when I am not out working with our clients.  She is only a few months old but very serious about protecting our family and home.  I wanted her to be a mascot and Head of Security seemed the most appropriate position. 

Richard Macdonald
VP of Sales
Engineering and Delivery

Discovery and Compliance Expert

Experienced with S1, ZL, Kazeon and Open Axes 

Vincent Ghika

Former Delivery Solutions Architect at EMC 

Ray Obolsky
Senior Engineer
Archiving and Compliance

Former Delivery Solutions Architect at at EMC 

Simon Turton
Senior Solutions Architect 

Former Delivery Solutions Architect at EMC 

John Wood
Principal Software Engineer

Former Architect of Discovery Manager at EMC